The Sims 4 Riviera

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The Sims 4 Riviera

Could the neighbourhood in the Sims 4 come with a city instead of just suburbs? The new CAS trailer hints that this might be the case…

You will already be family with the two types of neighbourhoods that have so far been previewed by EA for the Sims 4. The first one being the Louisiana style Riviera town:

Sims 4 Southern House Sims 4 Riviera Sims 4 Riviera House The-Sims-4-house

The second preview showed images of a different neighbourhood with a similar architectural style to Veronaville from the Sims 2:

the-sims-4_20130815_1456274663Now new images of the Riviera with a major metropolitan city in the background suggest a downtown may also be included as a third neighbourhood. EA hasn’t currently confirmed this, so there is a possibility that the city is just a backdrop at this point and cannot be accessed by Sims, similarly to the Eiffel Tower from Champs Le Sims in World Adventures.Sims 4 Town

The Sims 3 introduced the open neighbourhood as a step up from the Sims 2, so it would make sense for the next step to be for open access to several towns within one region for the Sims 4. However, the computing power required for this may not yet be enough on most people’s laptops and computers.

See the trailer and judge for yourself:

(Note that the video has been forwarded to skip straight to the town view)

Also don’t forget what the images were like at this early stage of the Sims 3, so expect the released version to be quite different!

ss_preview_SIMS3pcSCRNbookstoreG4W.WM.jpgSims 3 Town Preview



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    • Lanaxx on May 23, 2014 at 2:26 pm

    … Its not Rivera… That is Garden District..

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  1. Have either names been confirmed yet? I thought Riviera was from the concept art in Into the Future and Garden District is a rumour name?

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    • Alison on May 25, 2014 at 10:41 am

    garden district isn’t the name of any of them, but riviera is still a concept name. i dont think the city will be included, its EA so they’ll want to make that an expansion pack for the city to make more money!

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