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Palm Shadows by Cink Sims

[warning]THIS PAGE HAS MOVED![/warning] [redirect url=’http://thesimscatalog.com/product/palm-shadows/’ sec=’0′] The Sims 3 Palm Shadows Description: Tropical Island Paradise for the Sims 3. Creator: Cink Sims Stage: Beta Requires:  Store Content: Sunlit Tides Custom Content: None Recommend:  To find out more and download the world, visit Cink Sim’s blog post. To find out more and download the world, visit Cink Sim’s blog post.  

Côtes dAmbonnay by xSorcier and Reachsims

[warning]THIS PAGE HAS MOVED![/warning] [redirect url=’http://thesimscatalog.com/product/cotes-dambonnay/’ sec=’0′] The Sims 3 Côtes d’Ambonnay Description: Côtes d’Ambonnay is a French medieval world composed of three main islands which takes its inspiration from the hills of northeastern France Creators: xSocier and Reachsims Stage: Complete Requires:  Custom Content: Optional CC Store Content: Riverview, Barnacle Bay, Hidden Springs, Sunlit Tides, Monte Vista, Dragon Valley and Midnight …

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Strange Town by aaronrogers8i3

[warning]THIS PAGE HAS MOVED![/warning] [redirect url=’http://thesimscatalog.com/product/strangetown/’ sec=’0′] The Sims 3 Strange Town Description: It’s a mixture of all the Strangetowns from the PC, DS, GBA and PSP and will include sims from each version. This isn’t a recreation but I’m working really hard to make this a real up-to-date edition of the town that’s fully functional with …

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Mesa Grande by aaronrogers8i3

[warning]THIS PAGE HAS MOVED![/warning] [redirect url=’http://thesimscatalog.com/product/mesa-grande/’ sec=’0′] The Sims 3 Mesa Grande Description: Mesa Grande is a small desert town built upon lush green grasses surrounding an oasis. The world contains a number of unique new trees and plants to support the vibrant color scheme and lots of pretty places to explore!  Creator: aaronrogers8i3  Stage: Complete Requires: None – …

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Roseward – A Zombie Apocalypse World by Nigalkins

[warning]THIS PAGE HAS MOVED![/warning] [redirect url=’http://thesimscatalog.com/product/roseward/’ sec=’0′] The Sims 3 Roseward Description: Post zombie apocalypse world with deserted and crumbling infrastructure. Creator: nigalkins Stage: Complete Requires:  Custom Content: None Store Content: Lucky Palms Stuff Packs: Some Recommend:  To find out more and download the world, visit Nigalkins’s Tumblr blog here. To find out more and download the world, visit Nigalkins’s Tumblr blog here.

Falls Cove (Sunset Valley Revamp) by leetamme

[warning]THIS PAGE HAS MOVED![/warning] [redirect url=’http://thesimscatalog.com/product/falls-cove/’ sec=’0′]   The Sims 3 Falls Cove Recommended by: EDGE Description: A remake of SIms 3 Base Game Sunset Valley. Creator: leetamme Stage: Finished Requires: Custom Content: None Store Content: None Stuff Packs: High-End Loft Stuff, Fast Lane Stuff, Town Life Stuff, Master Suite Stuff, & 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s Stuff Recommend:  Download This post only shows …

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Fortress Rock by Quailhogs

[warning]THIS PAGE HAS MOVED![/warning] [redirect url=’http://thesimscatalog.com/product/fortress-rock/’ sec=’0′] The Sims 3 Fortress Rock Review By JennyLaVada3 Description:  Great Lakes-area post-Victorian-age coastal city with a mixture of run-down housing and wealthy city districts Creator: Quailhogs Stage: Complete Requires: Custom Content: None Store Content: None Stuff Packs: Fast Lane, Outdoor Living World Review Rating: 7.3/10  Recommend:  Download A lot of …

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Mont Saint Michel by ggoyam

[warning]THIS PAGE HAS MOVED![/warning] [redirect url=’http://thesimscatalog.com/product/mont-saint-michel/’ sec=’0′] The Sims 3 Mont Saint Michel Description: Small island world connected to the mainland with old traditional Gothic architecture. Creator: ggoyam Stage: Complete Requires:  Store Content: Unknown Custom Content: Unknown Recommend:  Download To see find out more and download the world, visit the creator’s page at ggoyam.com To see find out more and download the world, visit the creator’s page …

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Addenbrooke by Shangrii

[warning]THIS PAGE HAS MOVED![/warning] [redirect url=’http://thesimscatalog.com/product/addenbrooke/’ sec=’0′] The Sims 3 Addenbrooke Description: Large world with city surrounded by enormous countryside containing farms, villages and beaches. Creator: Shangrii Stage: Beta Requires:  Store Content: Unknown Custom Content: Yes, separate download required. Recommend:  “150 years ago, a meteor struck Addenbrooke turning a small sleepy town into a bustling city almost overnight. Tradition has been replaced with …

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Gyeongbok Palace by Museaka

[warning]THIS PAGE HAS MOVED![/warning] [redirect url=’http://thesimscatalog.com/product/gyeongbok-palace/’ sec=’0′]   The Sims 3 Gyeongbok Palace Description: Small walled Asian town with surrounding countryside and seaside. Creator: Museaka Stage: Complete Requires:  Custom Content: Unknown Recommend:  DOWNLOAD To find out more and download the world visit blog.naver.com. Note that the information is not available in English and Google translation will be required. To …

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