Lucky Palms

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The Sims 3 Lucky Palms

Creator: EA


SimPoints: §2,450 – §4,350

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Explore an All-New World – Discover the Wonders of Lucky Palms Today!

Rest and relaxation is the name of the game at The Sims 3 Lucky Palms! With ample parks, recreation locales, and a thriving culinary scene, you’ll find yourself on an oasis of green amid shifting sands. This desert enclave offers manicured gardens, modern estates, and cozy abodes nestled on the banks of a pristine lake. At the heart of town lies a mysterious well that is said to grant wishes to those who are pure of heart….what will you wish for?

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Lucky Pams Backstory

Darren Dreamer
Looking for love in Lucky Palms!
Within 3 miles of City Hall, Lucky Palms
Relationship: Never Married
Have Kids: No
Want Kids: With the right woman!
Profession: Artist!

Darren Dreamer here, artist in residence to the fabulous town of Lucky Palms! And by artist I mean REAL artist, not the bumming on my best friends couch hopefuls! I am a single adult male whose interests include painting, computer games, and preparing grilled cheese sandwiches. I don’t really enjoy spending much time outdoors, but I do love painting landscapes!

Something I love about our town of Lucky Palms is how many unique and beautiful things there are to paint. Whether it’s the rich orange and reds of the mountains, the desert green on the skin of the cactus, or the rising sun’s reflection on the surface of the lake our surroundings are bursting with natural beauty and vibrant color!

The Blooming Cactus Bistro offers the best views of the city at sunset and my place to grab a bite and a bit of inspiration. Are you looking to be inspired? If so, you can find me at 59 Gobi Road.  I look forward to meeting you!

Find out more about this world at the Sims 3 Store.


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