Jenny LaVada Harris

I'm a young adult from Wisconsin. I've been a huge Sims fan since 1999, when I begged my daddy to buy me The Sims (1). Now that I have to buy all games and expansions myself, I try to look for bargains and free worlds to download so I don't have to spend so much money...too late! I love The Sims 3!

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Fortress Rock by Quailhogs

[warning]THIS PAGE HAS MOVED![/warning] [redirect url=’’ sec=’0′] The Sims 3 Fortress Rock Review By JennyLaVada3 Description:  Great Lakes-area post-Victorian-age coastal city with a mixture of run-down housing and wealthy city districts Creator: Quailhogs Stage: Complete Requires: Custom Content: None Store Content: None Stuff Packs: Fast Lane, Outdoor Living World Review Rating: 7.3/10  Recommend:  Download A lot of …

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