The Sims 3 Roaring Heights Review


The Sims 3 Roaring Heights Review

by Hazmac

Creator: EA

Release Date: RELEASED

Price: $20-35

World Review Rating: 6/10 

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Roaring Heights is a medium-sized, semi-tropical world, which seems to be based on 1920s Atlantic City. Visually, it’s pretty, but not as impressive as some other EA worlds. One of the first things you notice about the world is it’s downtown area, the first city-scape EA’s introduced since Bridgeport. Thankfully, due to it’s size and relative lack of complexity, Roaring Heights doesn’t have any of the usual lag issues you get with Bridgeport.The downtown area includes all of the usuals, such as the town hall, a bistro, office for the Business/Journalism career, large grocery store, school, library, gym, and additionally, a museum. Some of the buildings have a veneer sitting on top of a regular building, which is probably available in buy debug mode if you wanted to create taller, non-rabbithole buildings yourself.

There’s at least one legacy sized lot out in the tropical looking ‘burbs, and those with Island Paradise can probably take advantage of both the beaches and islands that surround the mainland. Weirdly, most of the pre-populated families in town are in the midst of having an affair. Some, like the Marks brothers, start off with a couple of celebrity stars too if you have Nightlife. Speaking of celebrities, there’ quite a few sprawling art deco style mansions suitable for wealthy sims on the outskirts of town, and also a number of starter homes about the place, that are affordable right from the start.

Roaring Heights



Where the world really gets fun though is along the beach. It has several bars (though to make them actual bars, the juice bars will need to be replaced by Nightlife bars). It also has a café on the beachfront (which again, with University could be made into a working café). Along a pier is the usual retro-looking diner and a second ‘Beach Gym’ is also along the main strip. If your game is patched up to Island Paradise, the beach is completely swimmable/relax-able. There’s also a pretty cool looking movie theatre on the main strip.

Screenshot-11382Roaring Heights beachScreenshot-11407Screenshot-11400

I’d definitely recommend getting the Boardwalk add-on! It contains two editable roller-coasters which are heaps of fun and gives sims unique moodlets. Honestly, Roaring Heights is almost worth it just based on the Boardwalk alone.



Overall, Roaring Heights feels reasonably 1920s, and has that old-timey feel, helped along by the clothing, hairstyles and storylines of the residents. It’s a cute world, but there’s not a lot to do apart from visit the beach or Boardwalk. For long time play, I could see myself getting a little bored with this world, so if you were tossing up between this and another and things for your sims to see and do was high on your list, this wouldn’t be the winner.


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  1. The world is boring. Honestly, the only good part about it is the 1920’s objects that I can use to build in other worlds. It just felt a little uninspired to me. They made the mistake of creating *yet another* tropical world as if we didn’t have enough of them already, plus, I prefer worlds that take place in present day, not 90 years ago. There were some good parts – I loved the boardwalk and Miami-style beach strip – but on the whole, I can’t imagine playing in this world for more than a few hours before moving to a better one like St. Claire.

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