New Warsaw City by DC Worlds

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 The Sims 3 Warsaw City

Recommended by EDGE

Description: A modern world based on three domain locations. Los Angeles(USA), New York City(USA), and New Warsaw City(Poland).

Creator: DCWorlds

Stage: Complete

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Rating: +10 (from 10 votes)

New Warsaw City was created to bring the most fun into The Sims 3 game. EA base worlds are often poorly constructed and don’t provide players with realistic environments.

Main island is the actual New Warsaw City Downtown, filled with skyscrapers and filled with life streets. Sim Time Square is the main attraction of the Island. Providing a colorful boulevard filled with tons of Billboards, Lights and Star ”Sim Walkway Of Fame” and central performing areas with an stunning stage. There are plenty of very modern clubs, bars, hang out spots, pools, pool clubs, etc. The Island itself provides few apartment buildings. Very modern exclusive interior and stunning surrounding and great views. The main island also has plenty of Plazas. New Warsaw City Downtown area feels like a great place to be.

The next big thing is the second island. Second Island of the New Warsaw City provides the Hollawood Hills (org. Hollywood Hills, although could not been used in the game under actual name). Hollawood Hills is the place to be. Hollawood Boulevard with long plazas provides view on the very New Warsaw City Downtown area. Hollawood Boulevard has one of the most expensive private mansions in the world. They are truly greatly designed to bring the most realistic feeling of the ”Celebrity Lifestyle”. Hollawood Hills also provides other as well stunning mansions in the BeverlySim Hills area, and the Hollawood beach. The second island itself has many great hide outs places. And very stunning paths to walk your dog or just enjoy the nature of the world.  Hollawood Sign is one of the most photographed areas in the world. Providing the feeling of ”Fame, Luxury and Excitement” Theres a side Mountain path that leads right to the sign, and the City View Area. Hollawood Hills Provide some stunning parks, and recreation areas.

The second island also has another small town in it. Simsanta Monica is the place of exotic beaches and fine restaurants and SimStudios. The area provides a contrast in the world. New Warsaw City Downtown a modern skyscraper part and the contrast the Simsanta Monica Exotic / Californian feeling. The Simsanta Monica provides some fine mansions near the SimSanta Monica Beach. It has plenty of clubs, pier clubs and beaches areas with beautiful waterfalls and true blue waters.The second provides masses of fun and excitement and LOTS of sight to see and adventures to discover. New Warsaw City is truly one of its kind.”

Find out more about the world at the Sims 3 Forum or directly at DC World’s blog.

DOWNLOAD the word from DC Words (multiple download options are available).

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Find out more about the world at the Sims 3 Forum or directly at DC World’s blog.

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