Mariners Reach by Johnnywr

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Mariners Reach Sims 3

Mariners Reach by Johnnywr for the Sims 3

The Sims 3 Mariners Reach

Description: Tropical island for sailing enthusiasts.

Creator: Johnnywr

Stage: Finished

World AdventuresAmbitionsLate Night

Custom Content: None


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Welcome to Mariners Reach!

Before we begin, let’s make one thing clear: the size of this world may not be for everyone -but you would be silly to dismiss it. Mariners Reach offers a very particular lifestyle for your Sims, but despite its size limit, it has been more thought through than any EA-made world has even come close to. From the choice of lot types (there are a lot missing, but the ones that are there fit within the type of environment the world tries to achieve) to the positioning of each lot, the world shows a high level of detailed thought. Everything, including each tree, bush or flower looks as if it was carefully planned to make the world as realistic and beautiful as possible, and even if you’re after a larger world, you should give Mariners Reach a play for this reason.



So lets start with the world as a whole. Usually in world reviews we would take you through each neighbourhood in the world so you can see the range of options available and help you decide if it was what you are looking for. However, as Mariners Reach is rather small, we won’t be doing this and we will instead show you what makes this world so good and worth downloading.


You can see that it is rather small, but the way in which it has been detailed means there’s plenty to explore still. If you have Island Paradise, you will enjoy simply exploring its waters and hidden beaches.







This world was released before Island Paradise’s Isla Paradiso world came out, and yet we found that Mariners Reach is more successful in creating that ‘vacation’ feel than EA was.





If the lifestyle you’re after for your sims is the easy life on a tropical island, than Mariners Reach is the right world for you. There are no schools for children, no offices for adults and plenty of clubs and bars to hang out it. But if that’s not what you want, then it may be best if you start your Sims off somewhere else and then move them to Mariners Reach once they retire or just visit the world on vacation. There aren’t many rabbit holes, so your career choices are limited. The ones that is does have are suitable for sticking with the a quiet island paradise theme (like a giant stadium or office block would look out of place!). As for the lots that are there, they’re specifically tailored to fit in with the overall look of the place.



Even the views from lots in Mariners Reach are incredible. Careful planning and architectural thought seems to have been put into the design of all the lots:




There is still the opportunity to distinguish between different lifestyles from the lots available, like the small hut above or the mansions on the hill below:


But what really makes Mariners Reach are the views you get when exploring the place, there never seems to be an ugly patch!












There really isn’t much to add, you can see from the photos how beautiful the world is, which is why we have given it our highest score so far. It may not have all the rabbit holes, and there’s little or no room for expansion, but you have to judge it by what it is. It is not trying to be a large world that offers everything, it is a small tropical island and an amazing one too. Even if your sims only visit it on vacation, you should give it a try. It comes with no Custom Content, so there’s not risk in trying and we highly recommend it!

World AdventuresAmbitionsLate Night

Custom Content: None

DOWNLOAD Mariners Reach

You can also find out more from Johnnywr’s original blog post

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Mariners Reach by Johnnywr, reviewed by Admin on 2013-09-26T17:10:02+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5


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  1. amazing,thank you for share it! :)

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  2. very nice world! by any chance, does anyone know how i can make this a travel destination?

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      • intoner on August 11, 2014 at 12:06 am

      you can with the traveler mod by twallan

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  3. i have been looking for a little island just like this, for ages,
    its perfect

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  4. use twallens traveller mod

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  5. it doesn’t do anything when I click download. I’ve tried logging out and logging back in and it won’t download.

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      • Admin on July 5, 2014 at 6:58 pm

      Thanks for pointing this out, the link should be working now =)

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  6. Link not working again :/

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  7. woops nvm

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