Los Aniegos by Coasterboi

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Los Aniegos

The Sims 3 Los Aniegos

Description: Large sprawling city based on Los Angeles.

Creator: Coasterboi

Stage: Finished

World AdventuresAmbitionsLate NightGenerationsPetsShowtime

Custom Content: None

Score: 9.1 / 10


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Rating: +31 (from 31 votes)

(Showtime Edition)

(Late Night Edition)

[important]A new version of Los Aniegos has been released -you can view it on this post. [/important]

Welcome to Los Aniegos by Coasterboi!

Los Aniegos is by far one of the best worlds on the exchange, if not the best world for the Sims 3 out right now. As the name suggests, the world is based on the city of Los Angeles and has a Californian theme throughout it’s surrounding terrain. But don’t think that it is just a city, the world is huge and it consists of several boroughs each with their own unique character. There’s obviously downtown where all the skyscrapers are located, a suburban community sprawling out from it, a seaside mansion community based on orange county, hillside mansions made to look like Beverly Hills, a luxury golf course community and a small western rural town with ranches and farms. Even with all these communities, the maker (Coasterboi) managed to fit in LAX airport, a forest park and a Disneyworld resort replica! Those of you who have the Showtime expansion pack will know that EA tried to make a Los Angeles inspired world called ‘Starlight Shores’. Although it was quite good, Los Aniegos is by far superior in quality and much more realistic…. and it’s also free to download :) Anyway, let’s start with downtown:


The city comes with pre-made lots containing fully furnished and beautifully detailed clubs and apartments. Each club has it’s own unique theme, that yet again beats anything that EA could made in the Late Night expansion pack. There’s the jungle-themed bar:



Coasterboi has pre-populated the world with many Californian looking Sims, that means tanned and breast that are slightly too big. If you’re lucky though, you may bump into some of the super-famous celebrity Sims (like Lady Lala). The variety of clubs and bars is also fantastic. They range from small run-down western bars to high end jazz-clubs and everything in between (including what looks like a LGBT club by the pier).


We used some of our own sims to test out the world, but note that Los Aniegos does not have any custom content (so the hairstyle above didn’t come with it!).


As with the real city, Los Aniegos is surrounded by a beautifully crafted network of highways:



Los Aniegos stays true to the fact that the real Los Angeles has a big divide between the rich and poor. So you will have a choice of enormous mansions with stunning views, all the way down to tiny bungalows in some run-down part of town right next to the sewer.






There are also many ‘middle’ income houses, although a lot of these are still too expensive for new families. You will struggle to find anything cheap enough to buy that ins’t a small apartment or a tiny house, which is not too different to the real LA!

This small community by the High School is a good place to start if you’re moving in an existing family that isn’t that rich, but not poor either. They’re quite large lots, even if they don’t look it from outside.




You can see on the hill behind where the houses start to get a bit more expensive. The area looks like Hollywood Hills, but not as rich as Beverly Hills.



If you go beyond the city limits, you’ll come across a small rural farm community with a trailer park, bookshop, grocery store, dinner, bar and community park. This is perfect for those who want to start off with the simple life in Los Aniegos before moving to the big city.




There’s also a small vineyard ideal for weddings:


If you venture out of this small town, you will come across an enormous national park with some of the best views in Los Aniegos. It’s not just trees either, you will find camping sites, a fishing lake and a movie trailer.







Another community outside the city is a luxury gold resort. Properties here aren’t cheap, and a starter family won’t be able to afford one straight away. Even if your sims can be afford a house here, we would recommend you didn’t buy one until they retire. As the world is rather large, this community is quite far from the rest of the city. It has it’s own restaurant and pool bar, but other than that, there isn’t much to do there.





If you like the look of the golf resort and have enough money, but want to be closer to local amenities like libraries, spas and diners, then there’s the Orange County replica, known as Emerald Beach by Coasterboi. Here there is a mixture of both hillside mansions, seaside mansions, but also mi-sized homes and cheap apartments. We decided to build our own :D










Not too far from here you’ll find one of our favourite lots – Disneyland! :D



Los Aniegos

And we’re not done yet, there’s still Santa Monica!




This area is in between Beverly Hills and LAX, right on the beach with it’s own pier and theme park.


So is Los Aniegos worth downloading? Absolutely! This is by far one of the best worlds on the exchange. It has been beautifully detailed and made to look as realistic as possible, closely sticking to it’s Californian theme throughout. However, you will need a powerful computer to run it as this is a huge world with 125 lots. The latest version is slightly better as Coasterboi has reduced the amount of trees which has helped with lag, but it does mean the world isn’t quite as pretty as it used to be. Regardless of this, you should give it a try. There is no custom content, so you have nothing to lose. We’ll leave you with these photos to help you make up your mind, enjoy!




Requires: World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime.

Custom Content: None

DOWNLOAD NOW (Showtime Edition)

DOWNLOAD NOW (Late Night Edition)

[important]A new version of Los Aniegos has been released -you can view it on this post. [/important]

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Rating: +31 (from 31 votes)
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  1. question please:)

    hey I actually really like this town no correction love this world/town but I have one question does this have the summer,winter,spring festival would it have it you know like in winter the ice skating summer rollerskating I know you need to have sims 3 seasons and I do have but would this town still have the festival with seasons installed please awnser and thanks :)

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      • Admin on December 16, 2013 at 9:56 pm

      Hi Simmerforever4545,

      Los Aniegos does not come with a festival lot as it was released before the Seasons expansion pack came out, so you will need to place one in yourself. However, Coasterboi is working on new update of the world which you keep track of here: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/295247.page
      As for your other questions:
      Alpine County requires all expansion packs, except for Into the Future, so it will probably not work and some users do not have WA have reported issues with the world crashing. If you are a user you can message the creator directly @western077 here: http://www.sims3createaworld.com/members/western077/
      Beach City will likely not work either, but you can always try anyway to see if it crashes or not!


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  2. I love this site but I only have seasons and late night can you suggest any worlds that would be good with those?

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  3. Love this world, but I hadn’t played it in awhile as I wasn’t ambitious enough to take on adding all the new EP and store venues.

    Was really stoked to read that Coasterboi teased releasing an update to the world yesterday on the TS3 forums here: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/2925/295247.page#11706446

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  4. He released an update – I just downloaded it, so I can’t comment on it, but here’s the link to the IP edition (looks like no ITF stuff):


    He’s also updated the main thread on the TS3 forums, here.

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      • Admin on January 27, 2014 at 11:35 am

      Awesome! Thanks for updating us, I’ll download it tonight and make a new post for the updated version (it looks really good from the images so far!) =)

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  5. Please, post the updated version for we can download it :D

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      • Admin on January 28, 2014 at 10:43 pm

      It’s ready! You can see the new post here, or go to straight to Coasterboi’s post on the Sims 3 Forum =)

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  6. if I only have Late night, Island paradise, showtime and supernatural can I still use this? is there a world that has only those expansions?

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  7. Hey, where can I get this beautiful amazing house? :) I downloaded your older and newest version of this world but its not there yet?

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      • Admin on April 26, 2014 at 11:33 pm

      Hi Angel! Unfortunately that lot was lost when my laptop crashed and needed Windows to be reinstalled :(

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  8. Aww, that must be dissapointing. I hope it comes back sometime, it would be a waste if not, cause its such an amazing house.
    Good luck and keep up the good work.

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