Hollyweird (A Better Bridgeport) by Simsfan95173

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Sims 3 Hollyweird world

 The Sims 3 Hollyweird

Recommended by: EDGE

Description: A remake of Late Night’s Bridgeport  

Creator: Simsfan95173

Stage: Finished


World AdventuresAmbitionsLate NightGenerationsPetsShowtimeSupernaturalSeasonsUniversity LifeIsland Paradisesims 3 into the future icon

Custom Content: None

Store Content: Not required

Stuff Packs: None


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Rating: +13 (from 13 votes)

“I love Bridgeport. It’s is my absolute and only favorite world in the sims 3. But, every time I start a new game, I always find myself editing the world before I play it. Then I wanted all my edits saved,so i saved my edited Bridgeport into one non-played save. So when I want to start a new game in a Bridgeport I liked instead of the boring EA Bridgeport, I go into the un-played save, and click Save As. Once that’s done, I made a new game in my version of Bridgeport without having to do all the edits all over again. So I have edited this save for years by adding new lots, new neighbors, and new objects as expansion packs are released so I can still play my Bridgeport with new EP content. Then, I thought “What if I can upload this version of Bridgeport? Would this version change people’s perspective on Bridgeport?” But seeing that my version is a save and not a packaged file and I don’t know how to use CAW, I disregarded it.

But, thanks to a fellow simmer, I found out that I can upload my saved world just as a save, and other people can download it.

This is my version of Bridgeport!”

-Creator Simsfan95173

This post only shows a preview of the world, to find out more and to download go visit Simsfan95173’s post at the Sims 3 Forum.

On the Hills, 3 more houses and a fishing spot have been added (for unicorns to appear) on the left hand side. There are celebrity families that live in each, except the smallest one. There are Sims that live in the small one, but they’re not celebrities.

Sims 3 Hollyweird world 2

As we go up the Hills, there were 2 parks here which are removed. That white house was built by Simsfan95173. Its a party mansion, like the rest of the houses, but it has a lot more bedrooms and bathrooms, and the best views. This is the only thing that is entirely made by Simsfan95173.

Sims 3 Hollyweird world 3

This is a close up on the house built by Simsfan95173.

Sims 3 Hollyweird world 4

These houses are from alexspoom13’s world Metrotopia.

Sims 3 Hollyweird world 5

Now we move at the Bridgeport Acres park in front of the school and the street next to it. GEN objects and a wedding spot have been added. Next to it is the grocery store, the fire station, and the Red Rendezvous from Twinbrook, which has been made into a coffeehouse.

Sims 3 Hollyweird world 6

In Mariana Field, Generations and Showtime objects have been added.

Sims 3 Hollyweird world 7

All the Late Night venues are still here in this version, and there are two extra clubs squeezed in for more variety. One of them is located behind the library called the Cobra, the dance club from Coasterboi’s world Los Aneigos.

Sims 3 Hollyweird world 8

The other one is located near the business complex. It’s a disco club called The Metro. This was supposedly a Late Night pre-order item for those who are from Europe.

Sims 3 Hollyweird world 9

Over to the industrial district behind Waylon’s Haunt, there is MN8 the Live Show venue, and P.U.R.E. Warehouse the Private Show venue.

Sims 3 Hollyweird world a
The layout for the Banzai Lounge was re-done, with added Showtime objects.
Sims 3 Hollyweird world b
At the Bridgeport Eternal Rest Cemetery, 2 fairy houses, a broom arena, and the Vault of Antiquity were added.
Sims 3 Hollyweird world f
Not a lot of people know this, but under the cemetery was a secret vampire hideout, which has been upgraded.
Sims 3 Hollyweird world g
Across the street from the cemetery, is a now Elixir Shop.
Sims 3 Hollyweird world h
As you go up the hill past the cemetery, there is a wooded area with a huge lake where the Supernatural Hangout named “Moon”  has been added. This can be downloaded from the exchange here.
Sims 3 Hollyweird world i Sims 3 Hollyweird world j
Updated the Prosper Room by adding two slot machines and a Blackjack table(Store Items)
Sims 3 Hollyweird world k Sims 3 Hollyweird world l
Upgraded the top floor of the gym by adding a Sauna Room with two saunas(store), another room with 3 massage tables(store) and a hot tub, and two diving boards to the pool. Also added 3 pull-up bars and a professional bar to the workout floor. Turns out gyms have their own set of drinks, some help you build skills quicker.
Sims 3 Hollyweird world m
Made the schoolyard a real schoolyard by adding 2 basketball hoops(store) hopscotch court, jungle gym, and spring riders.
Sims 3 Hollyweird world o

Upgraded the daycare room in the library with items from the Store, GEN, & SN

Sims 3 Hollyweird world p
Big upgrade on the 2nd floor of P.U.R.E. private venue
Sims 3 Hollyweird world q

Updated the Grind

Sims 3 Hollyweird world r

Added a few more items to Plasma 501, such as the Hypnotizer from the store, Magic Mirror, magic jelly bean bush, and several ST props for decor.

Sims 3 Hollyweird world s Sims 3 Hollyweird world t

Upgraded the Powell House penthouse

Sims 3 Hollyweird world u
Added 15 ports throughout the city. 11 of them are placed along the harbor, and a houseboat has been placed in each…
Sims 3 Hollyweird world v
… including one made by Simsfan95173. It’s a party boat with 2 dance floors, one of them on the top deck.
Sims 3 Hollyweird world w

Deleted the hospital and science lab and added a combo rabbithole instead, in place of where the old science lab was. It’s the one from Starlight Shores called Holy Cow Memorial Hospital. (In case you’re wondering, all the premades from both workplaces had their jobs transferred here)

Sims 3 Hollyweird world x

A resort has replaced where the hospital used to be. It’s called the Three of Diamonds Hotel & Casino. It features 14 VIP suites, 2 pools, art gallery, lounge, dining area, coffee shop, recreation area, gym, spa, casino, nightclub, & wedding chapel. It’s also in my studio for download: here.

Sims 3 Hollyweird world y
Finally managed to add all 4 Diving Areas from Isla Paradiso.
Sims 3 Hollyweird world z

Gave all of the Showtime stages a makeover

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This post only shows a preview of the world, to find out more and to download go visit Simsfan95173’s post at the Sims 3 Forum.
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