Fairhaven City by Monsoon Creations

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The Sims 3 Fairhaven City

Description: Large metropolitan sea side city with sprawling suburbs in a Californian terrain.

Creator: Monsoon Creations


Stage: Complete


World AdventuresAmbitionsLate NightGenerationsPetsShowtimeSupernaturalSeasonsIsland Paradisesims 3 into the future icon

Store Content: Riverview and other.

Custom Content: Yes – Required


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Rating: +25 (from 25 votes)

To download the world visit the creator’s Blogspot site, or to find out more about the world and see how it was made, visit Monsoon Creation’s Tumblr Blog (the latter contains more images).

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To download the world visit the creator’s Blogspot site, or to find out more about the world and see how it was made, visit Monsoon Creation’s Tumblr Blog (the latter contains more images).


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Rating: +25 (from 25 votes)
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