Everything Island 2 by ruthless_kk

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The Sims 3 Everything Island 2

Recommended by zaffiro89

Description: Mid-sized world with city, farms and suburban areas.

Creator: ruthless_kk

Stage: Complete

World AdventuresAmbitionsLate NightGenerationsPetsShowtimeSupernaturalSeasonsUniversity Life

Store content: none

Stuff packs: none


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Rating: +6 (from 6 votes)

Visit Simply Ruthless’s blog to find out more and download the world here.


“You can tell any story you want in this medium sized, versatile world that has everything…all jobs and venues up to Uni. Neighborhoods include a seedy slum, coastal cottages, rolling farmland, lakeside suburbans, stately victorians, and moderns…just to name a few! Plenty of starters and empty lots, too.”


World preview by zaffiro89

Everything Island 2 is a mid-sized world that contains a bit of every expansion pack up to University. There is a vibrant downtown area with all late night and showtime lots. Here there are many skyscrapers for your Sims to live in:

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Near the lake there is a suburban neigbourhood with cottages and Victorian houses. I think ruthless makes beautiful homes, particularly pretty fairy homes and vampire themed lots, but also great community lots. All lots are made by the creator (or EA) and I would emphasize her talent and passion.

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Examples of some of the houses available in Everything Island 2:

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And one of the fairy houses:

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Visit Simply Ruthless’s blog to find out more and download the world here.


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