Entworld by Suum Sim

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The Sims 3 Entworld

Description: Mystical medieval world with forests and a large lake set within a mountain range.

Creator: Suum Sim

Stage: Beta (unfinished)

Supernatural and others

Custom Content: Unknown

Store Content: Unknown

Stuff Packs: Unknown


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Queenie Buzzcakes doesn’t look much like a fairy, although she is one. Her daddy fed her too much Royal Jelly when she was a baby. In another story by a famous writer, that baby would turn into a bee. Not Queenie. She has a special relationship with her bees, she even looks like one. She is not the tall, fair skinned and blond fairy we all know. After her parents died, her great aunt, and fairy queen was disgusted by Queenie’s visage and demeanor and excommunicated her from the fairy forest. The name alone was reason enough for the Fairy Queen to dislike the child. Not one eligible fairy man was interested in Queenie when she was growing up. 

After she was banned from the forest she built a house on the lake where her botanical work found a natural affinity. The fairy queen also banned all bees, pesty things, from the forest. Queenie welcomed them with open arms. Though Queenie devotes most her time tending to her plants and bees and studying science, she has been hoping so much to find a mate… and she desperately wants children. 

After much experimenting with seed splicing she got ahold of a forbidden fruit seed and finally grew a healthy Plant Sim girl she named Sneezeweed. The family riff remains. The honey she harvests from her bees is her main income….for it is a valued commodity throughout the Entworld. The fairies really don’t like this, but while the Fairy Queen is still ruling, there is a problem. There will be no doing business with Queenie Buzzcakes. There are no other options. They must do something underhanded. 

I wonder what will happen?

Find out more and follow the world’s progress at suumsim.com.

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Find out more and follow the world’s progress at suumsim.com.

You can also find more images here.

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  1. This world is soooo cool! Great job! Kinda reminds me of Middle Earth :)

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  2. hi. its beautifull this world. where could i download it? even if it not finished. its perfect for my story!! please :). and thank you! :)

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