Crystalline Cove by Geminiagre

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Crystalline Cove

The Sims 3 Crystalline Cove

Description: Large seaside town nestled between hills and mountains, with crystal clear shores.

Creator: Geminiagre

Stage: Finished

World AdventuresAmbitionsLate NightGenerationsPetsShowtime

Custom Content: None


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Rating: +13 (from 13 votes)

or download the Save File for a populated world.

Welcome to Crystalline Cove!

Most of you will already know of Los Aniegos and Neverglade, but fewer people have heard of Crystalline Cove by Geminiagre, despite being one of the exchange’s top downloaded worlds of all time. The world consists of a large sea-side town nestled between a valley of mountains and hills. The environment isn’t too different from Sunset Valley, which provides a variety of landscapes to choose from, all of which differ from each other. Such as farmland that is similar to a New England landscape, Floridian beaches and Canadian forests. However, unlike a typical EA built town, Crystalline Cove is huge and the transition from one type of environment to another feels natural, allowing you to choose a unique lifestyle for your sims depending on where you place them.

Crystalline Cove Sims 3

Crytalline Cove is bigger than you may think, yet small enough to avoid issues with lag on lower end computers.

As with all reviews, we will be looking into each small pocket of the world that has something different to offer, so you have the opportunity to see whether any of them appeal to where you want your sims to live. Seeing as the sea (known as the Saphire Ocean) is a main feature, we will start with the beach.



As you can see, the sea in Crytalline Cove is stunning. The Caribbean-style ocean with it’s crystal clear waters may at times feel out of place with other landscapes in the world, but you easily forget about that and just enjoy its beauty instead. Those of you with the Seasons expansion pack will not be able to resist taking your sims for a swin in the sea on a hot summers days, or out boating if you have Island Paradise.

As well as the sea, Germiniagre has included special lots to let you enjoy the sea views more.


Fancy something to eat on the beach and a dip in the pool before going in the sea? Well you can do that :)


If you’re interested in giving your sims the seaside lifestyle, you have 2 areas to choose from. The first is located between the beach the main street.


The architecture for these lots are suited to a seaside environment, but are predominantly apartments. So if you want a house by the sea, the next best option is a house with sea view on a hill, most of which are reasonably priced.


The hill has it’s own mini beach, and a church with stunning views for a wedding right at the top of the hill.




Adjacent to the hill, and near the main beach, there is another seaside community. This area is more affluent and has a mixture of expensive properties and community lots tailored towards the rich. Unfortunately, you will need the spa from Hidden Springs or else one of the main lots doesn’t work. This is also an issue with other lots, where rabbit holes from the Store or Limited Edition expansion packs have been used that not everyone will have.

Crystalline Cove



Behind the seaside hill and the beach lies the town, but between the two you will find a small bungalow community.





Despite not necessarily being the wealthiest part of town, the area isn’t run down and still has some spectacular views worthy of more affluent properties:


Now let’s skip going through another residential neighbourhood (as there are many!) and go straight to the farming community. You will notice the foliage changes from the rest of Crystalline Cove into a more Autumn feel, which was likely done before the Seasons expansion pack, but can look a little unusual from certain views.




Germiniagre has separated this area from the rest by cleverly placing a beautifully detailed river in between, which provides a more natural transition from one environment to another. It also allows for one of the main features the world has to stand out more, of which we mean the giant waterfall.





As for the waterfall, you can see it from almost anywhere in Crystalline Cove, but look a little closer and you will see a secret garden. It is little unique places like this that make worlds feel richer and make them more exciting to explore.



As you can see in the image above, you have the forest on both the left side and slightly merging into the right, which will be looking into next. The houses in this area tend to be more expensive, but their surroundings more than make up for it. Let’s start with the neighbourhood on the right:



A common theme in Crystalline Cove are clusters of houses that look like they were made by the same developer, because they all look identical. This is not usually a problem, but some variety in gardens would be beneficial. However, it does help in creating a separation between communities.


Moving on to the other side of the forest, the houses have a more natural design that gives each individual plot it’s own unique look. But the best part are the views:




Although Germiniagre has placed a lot of trees in this area, we did not experience any issues with lag. Some lower-end computer may struggle with the rendering.


DOWNTOWN: Last, but not least, is the main town center. Germiniagre has been very successful in making this area look like a dense and bustling main street. The lots are tightly packed together, which can cause some lag issues, but as a large number of the lots are rabbit holes, it is rarely a problem. The one issue we did encounter was the missing rabbit holes which we assume would be from The Sims 3 Store and therefore do not show up unless you download the same items.



Here you can see the issues with missing rabbit holes, but you can easily fix it by placing your own building.


Crystalline Cove may only consist of a town with some farms and suburban communities surrounding it, but a night time you could mistake it for a sprawling city. The street lighting reaches almost every corner of the world, making it look bigger than it is from afar. This would have been a good chance to use the Late Night expansion pack and added a few high-rise buildings (not too many so as to not lose the small town look).





As with all worlds on The Sims 3 Create A World, we only review and share with you what we believe are the best worlds on the Exchange, and Crystalline Cove is certainly worthy of being in that category. It has been beautifully detailed, from the terrain paints and foliage to the choice of lots. This world is of a very high quality, and if you liked what you saw in this review, it is certain worth downloading. It comes with no Custom Content, so you have nothing to lose. The only thing you might want to change is moving some lots that perhaps feel out of place if you are aiming for a ‘real life’ world, but they fit fine with the classic Maxis look of wacky architecture from The Sims and Sims 2 (and even Sunset Valley).

We shall leave you with these images and a description by Germiniagre to help you decide:


The detailing of the natural landscape has been perfectly done, making you want to explore more of the world.


The distant terrain has been carefully blended in with the rest of the world, something that most worlds struggle to do.


If you have Island Paradise, don’t tell us you don’t want to try boating in that sea!


At night, the world transforms and comes alive.

“Known for it’s crystal clear waters, Crystalline Cove combines beautiful mountainy and beach sceneries. From The highest top of the Minty Mountains, forming several waterfalls , decends river Tinuviel that crosses the Cove and finally meets the Saphire Ocean. The white sand beaches give an exotic feel to the Cove, that can please even the most eclectic Sims. From rich Celebrities looking for luxurious mansions, to humble new comers , everyone can find a place to call home here. Crystalline Cove is also famous for great horsemanship, exhibiting an Equestrian Center that has brought up several generations of Champions.

Is it the natural diversity and beauty, is it the peacefulness of the scenery and the kindness of most of the inhabitants, or is there another secret that is the reason for the thrieving population and rabid progress that have made Crystalline Cove what it is today? Could it it be all of those?”

Requires: World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime.

Custom Content: None

NOTE: This world is not populated, if you want a populated world then download Saved File here.

DOWNLOAD Crystalline Cove

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  1. how do you install the populated world? there are some files that i dont know how to install

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      • Admin on December 16, 2013 at 3:03 pm

      Hi Leah,

      To install the save game, all you have to do is extract the folder from the rar download file, and copy that folder into:

      My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Saves

      Then load up the game and it should be shown up in your start menu.

      You can download the Save Fiel of Crystalline Cove here:h


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      • Ladifer on January 5, 2014 at 10:14 pm

      I tried downloading it and it wont install into my game I don’t know what to do

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      Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  2. Have you checked you have all the expansion packs first?

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  3. I downloaded this world last week and I am thoroughly enjoying it, it’s really pretty and spacious and well planned out. I’ve started making some adjustments to some of the lots in the town center as they’re a little dated in style plus I wanted to incorporate the bistro and coffee shop items that are new.
    I love the waterfall and the beaches, so detailed and the idea of having an up market “spa” area in the hill is brilliant.

    Thanks for a fantastic world :D

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  4. This is beautiful! I just wish it was updated for IP and Seasons.

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  5. This is a wonderful world, with one major issue. A lot of the houses don’t have stairs/elevators leading to the second and third floors! This makes it impossible to use that house. I have had to add stairs to these house which was kind of annoying. I hope this can be fixed so I don’t have to go through every house. Everything else worked fine though. Thanks.

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  6. Hello. Beautiful world. I have installed it. All is fine except the event center is just one big black block, not the building…. what is wrong with this? thanks.

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