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[important]A finished version of the world is now available. Go here to find out more and download the world.[/important]



I haven’t update the post in a while, but the world is progressing slowly…

The marina area now has a Hotel overlooking the sea, and I pulled the sea back under the beach cafe so that the pier now goes out over the ocean :)



And just some general images showing the new terrain paint:

Screenshot-2278 Screenshot-2276 Screenshot-2267 Screenshot-2268

For anyone who doesn’t currently have the Beta 5 version of the world, you can download it here. Note that is has the old terrain paint shown in the other posts, not the greener version shown above!




So I’ve been busy the past week furnishing some of the unfinished lots left to do, and the world is nearly done. I’ve got the whole weekend free this week (for the first time in forever) which I plan to use to finish the what’s left of the world.

The new hotel and festival lot are now complete. I’ve also completely revamped and finished the MEGA Mall (which now has a huge food court, salon, tattoo parlour, book store, clothing store, bowling alley, arcade, pet shop, hairdressers, art gallery and laundrette). There are only 2 McMansion Lots left to do now, all the others are fully furnished.

All that remains is the Spa :) and McMansions.


UPDATE June 19th 2014

So I planned to have this world completely finished any time now… and now it’s done! :D

It’s completely finished!

– All lots are furnished

– All lots have addresses

– All lots have full names and descriptions

– Routing issues are fixed

– New terrain paint is done

– All CC that somehow got into the Beta 6 version has been removed.

It will be going through 1 week of Beta testing just to make sure there are no major issues left, and then it will be available for everyone to download on the Exchange, or MediaFire or on here :)

It will be available June 28th

[important]A finished version of the world is now available. Go here to find out more and download the world.[/important]


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  1. I’m currently working on the seasonal lot facing the pier -it’s completely changed and now has a restaurant, bar, arcade, outdoor games facilities, tanning salon, clothes shop and more to come :)

      • Wanest on May 31, 2014 at 1:09 am

      Hey ! I love sooooo much you’re work ! It’s seriously just, wow, amazing ! I go buy the rest of the Sims ( like University, Supernaturel in the rest I need ) too play this world ! Can’t wait. Great Job.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like it :)

  2. Awesome – I did one of the Pine Valley homes and updated the City Apartment, but unfortunately used quite a bit of CC in it. I’ll see if I can strip some of it out over the next few days with basegame objects.

    Have you considered doing alternate versions of lots that use store content? For example, I started doing the mega mall as a combination general store/savvy sellers store on one side, and a generic salon in the other.

  3. Hey! :D

    I see that you need some help with creating families? I’d love to create a few for the world :) If I do say so myself, I know my way around the CAS room ;) Also, if need be, I could furnish one of the above homes?


  4. Hey Western!
    Long time no see, not gonna lie, I honestly just forgot about everything, I got a new computer and kept putting off moving Alpine County from my old one to this new one soooo, yeah (procrastinator much :( )
    Anyway, if you’d like me to help with anything, families, houses or whatever just let me know
    Seriously I feel bad for doing nothing so I will do anythings, no matter if there is a work overload

  5. Hey!
    I did 3 lots, I’m not sure how you wanted them or if someone else already did them, so I just kinda did it.
    If they’re not how you wanted them just say so, and I’ll redo it :)
    Gated Community School –
    Apartment Complex –
    Beach Cafe (btw with this one, I completely demolished it and redid the whole thing as the previous design was pretty hard to work with, if you don’t like this one I completely understand) –

  6. Hey Anyay!

    It’s good to hear from you again! Please don’t feel bad as I haven’t been on here in ages either and only got to work on the world a bit more last weekend for the first time in months! Plus you already helped a lot! :D

    Thank you for the uploading the 3 lots btw, I’ll be using the school! I can’t use the beach bar though as I would lose the only cafe rabbit hole in the city, but thank you anyway :) I also already finished the city apartment, but hadn’t updated this post. I’ve updated it now as I finally finished 2 of the McMansions, which take for ever as they’re so huge.

    The only lots left are those above and 2 McMansions that I haven’t yet finished designing the outside. So let know if you fancy furnishing any of the above :) I’m not going to populate the world anymore, and instead I’ll release it once it’s done as an empty world or else it will never be finished!

      • Anyay on April 17, 2014 at 3:02 am

      So, I did two more lots, the junkyard and the Pine Valley lot 2, again I wasn’t sure if you wanted anything specific, but here they are anyway, hope you like them :)

  7. Hey Simbot, That would be awesome if you could share the lots with no CC!

    I did originally use store content in lots, and CC, but decided to remove it as I don’t want people who don’t have the store content to miss out! :)

  8. Hey!
    I furnished the Golf Course Hotel, I did not use any cc or store content :)

      • Rubiin on April 18, 2014 at 9:05 pm

      I also made the Mega mall, Inside you can find a beauty saloon, tattoo saloon, clothing store, consignment store, elixir store, bar and bowling. No store or CC inside.
      Hope you like it :)

      • Rubiin on April 19, 2014 at 5:02 pm

      I also fixed the beach cafe. I did not change the base design, but i added on some lights, parking spots, benches, trash cans, and other decorations. Oh, and I also changed the fences.

    1. Hey Rubiin,

      Thanks a lot for furnishing these lots! For some reason it’s not letting me install them though, is anyone else getting the error message (and my game is already up-to-date!)


    2. I downloaded the Golf Course Hotel with no problem.

    3. Oh it must be my game that’s not working, I’ll need to find another way of installing lots without using the launcher!

      • Rubiin on April 28, 2014 at 4:57 pm

      Hey Western077!
      I did place all of the buildings on a savefile of Alpine Country. You don’t need to use the launcher, just open the zip file and place this in the saves in the sims 3 folder. Hope it helps :)

    4. Thanks Rubiin! It’s working now :D

  9. Hi Western077 I have furnished one of the homes in the gated community, I am in love with this world! however when furnishing it I was making it for my sim family specially so I did use some CC and store content. I am more then willing to furnish it again with no CC or store content if you would like. The home I have done is house number 3 in the gated community.

    Thanks for all your amazing work in this town I am beyond excited for the finished product, I also had a request or idea, would it be possible to add something like a Vet clinic to the town, lol sounds silly, or even just an unfurnished building in town that I may decorate with my vet clinic CC?

    Thanks a ton!

      • kate on April 24, 2014 at 7:21 pm

      Hey Kaymaxx33, I would be so grateful if you could upload that house anyway. I know Western077 wouldn’t be able to use it, but I don’t mind cc at all and it would be so useful :)

    1. Hi Kate I am trying to upload the home to the exchange but am having some difficulties, this is the first home I have ever tried to upload. I will let you know when I have it uploaded and include a link to it.

  10. Hi Western! I went ahead and furnished Pine Valley Lot 1, if you already haven’t. I kind of changed the whole interior except the stairs, b/c there were some styles I wanted to try out. Also, I noticed the last house I sent you had CC chairs in it, really sorry about that, was not paying attention back then. I made sure there was no CC in this house if you use it, also I really don’t have that many 3rd part CC right now, but if you do, you should probably run it through the Delphy mod just in cased I missed something.

    Here’s the link if you want it.

      • kate on April 27, 2014 at 2:44 pm

      Hey, thanks for this, I’m definitely going to download and use it!

  11. Hi Eerianna! Thanks so much for this, I hadn’t done anything to that lot yet so this is awesome! :) This means that neighbourhood is now complete! :D

    Don’t worry about the CC chairs, I was planning on delete the world’s cache (which also removes all CC from the world) before exporting it. :)

  12. Hello,
    I am part on the equus sims community and when i found your world it was like a god send. I have bee searching for i world like this since i join equus and never had any luck.
    My only question is with the rural arena how many lots are there and are they close together if. not is there a world like this with the same theme but with 7 lot 60×60 lots close together or is there someone out there that take requests.

    I am looking for a Australian theme world build for horses

    Well done on a amazing whole and thanks.

    1. Hey Katie,

      The countryside in Alpine County does have one 64×64 large lot, but the others are not close together. I did this as I wanted each lot to have lots of land around it for horses to roam around in the fields :)

  13. Hey guys
    Big thumbs up to western for the great world, as well as the rest for all their efforts.
    How close are we to completion?
    Can someone maybe upload the most complete version so far?
    Really love the way its going.

    1. Hi ericduprezz,

      Thank you for your kind words :) The world’s terrain is finished, all that remains is furnishing some of the lots. I’ll release the world once they’re all done, although it will probably be unpopulated!

  14. i created two families so far if you want them, just let me know and I’ll upload them.

    1. Thanks Eerianna! I’m not sure if I will populate the world anymore, as it will probably never be finished then! But if you upload them anyway I can make a download link for them on this page so everyone else can still download them into their game :D

  15. Hey Eerianna
    Thanks, that will be great.
    Though I was actually referring to completed lots.
    How far is your town regarding furnishing?

    1. oh, lol, actually It was for western, and i still have beta 5, I’m not creating the town, I just helped by furnishing a couple lots. :) I;m sure western will get back to you soon about the progress of the world.

  16. The hotel is coming along gradually…

    1. Actually this one shows it better!

  17. So is the world almost done Western? It looks like it’s finally finishing up :)

  18. I would also like to know if the world will be entirely populated?

  19. Well most of it i mean, and the right amount of houses if you’d like to move in your own sim.

    1. Hi AmyMarie,

      The world is almost finished! I have a chunk of free time coming up this weekend where I plan to finally finish the world. Then I’ll do 1 week of final Beta test before the final realise :)

  20. this really looking very good … i am looking forward its completion…

  21. Hi, Western,

    I read you might not add any population to the town, of course you do what feels most convenient and maybe this to much to ask for, but.. Just in case; maybe you could add the -already created- families into Alpine County? Whether it’s just about three families (or more) that you had assembled so far, and include them into the final version, that would be beyond appreciated ^^’

    Best of regards, regardless choice (of course)! :)

    1. Hi Mohjit0,

      I will likely release the final version unpopulated, so that I at least get something out before Sims 4 and if I have time to later I can populate it and upload a Save World copy. Unfortunately CAW doesn’t make it easy to populate the world, which is the main reason putting me off (that and lack of free time!)

  22. Do you still need help furnishing any houses? Which houses have yet to be claimed to be furnished?

    1. the gated community and the spa houses r the ones he said he needed help furnishing, the four pics above.

    2. Hi Jiggles,

      Yes please! The gated community houses are the ones that need furnishing the most, they’re so huge it takes me about a day to furnish each one (which I don’t have enough time to do most of the time!) So if you fancy doing either one that would be awesome :D

    3. I’ll definitely get to work on them as soon as possible. :)

  23. I’m confused, where can I download the latest version of this world?

      • Admin on June 4, 2014 at 10:56 am

      You can download the current Beta here:
      but it will be different to the pictures in this post as the final version isn’t out yet.

  24. i will do two houses

  25. Hey Western, it’s been a while.
    Been away from Sims for a while now, but i am back i see many things have changed since i last looked.
    Hope everything going well, let me know if there’s anything i can do, i’ve asked Admin to send me the updated version again as i missed it last time.
    Speak soon
    Lil Gem xx

    1. Hey Lil Gem!

      Admin should have send you a copy the completed version by now :D

  26. Hey Western,
    I have never anticipated a world so much in my sim life!! I can only imagine the time and dedication it takes, and being a working young person myself, I know thats not easy to come by. Just letting you know that you’ve done a great job, and you’ll be making a lot of simmers VERY happy :)

    Best of luck, and can’t wait to see what’s your next project after this!!

    XOXO Shai07

    1. Thanks Shai07! :) It’s taken over 3 years (with 1 graduation, 4 different jobs, 2 different relationships during that time!), but it’s finally finished now :D

  27. I love this world so much because it reminds me of where I grew up
    So when will the final version be available? Because I only see the beta version.

  28. Can i have a copy for the completed version too ??

  29. Wow! 3 years OMG!!! Does making a Sims 3 world always take such amount of time? I really dream of making my own world

  30. May I have the completed version BETA?

  31. May I have the completed version BETA?
    This world looks awesome!!

  32. The door need to be switched, i believe thats taco bell. but thats what I’ve found so far.

  33. I have been playing it and haven’t found any errors so far. I love it!!!!

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