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  1. Oh! Thaks you! This world is fantastic!

  2. I am loving playing this world, I have the beta 2 version I belive. What differences will there be in 5? and should I disregard the beta 2 for the beta 5 ?

    1. Hey yesme88, I’m glad you like the world! :D There aren’t really any major changes between Beta 2 and 5, it’s mainly that some previously unfinished lots are now furnished and the abandoned village is now complete. You can probably stick with Beta 2 if you don’t use those lots :)

  3. Tch, expired. I was about to try this out, been waiting for too long. Oh well, can’t be helped. I’ll wait for the next release.

  4. “Download Unavailable” :[

  5. @western077: I am currently downloading this world. Do you have a list of known bugs or something? Or I could help by trying out stuffs just randomly. Do you have anything in specific that you need to know about the world inside the game? (By this, I mean bugs, glitches, etc.)

  6. I just download the beta and going to check it with custard to see if there is cc attached…This beta 5 file looks to have a lot of cc :-/ gonna try and use custard to remove it and see if the world will still load properly…still trying to take out the cc without causing the download file to become inoperative…wow, I spent all this time trying to get this beta and there is no way to remove the cc that shows on custard. Grrrr…, please I really hope you have a clean file to upload of this world soon. I would really like to help with beta testing, if you can do that without having cc on the file. clearly this is cc from someone’s house build as I see a toybox and windows and light fixtures. Grrr…fingers crossed this will be worked out soon. Sorry, I won’t be installing this with cc attached :-/

      • Admin on December 20, 2013 at 1:47 pm

      Hi cqueen,

      Your findings have been reported to the world’s creator. Is any of the CC damaging to gameplay?


  7. I backed up my whole The Sims 3 file to an external harddrive so that I could install this world without the risk of cc (I did not install myself) breaking my game. So far the only thing I have noticed since installing the world is that overwatch is no longer removing the cars that npc’s drive from the public lots anymore. (not sure if its due to this world or not).

    Notes: I placed a sim in the gated community. (No other sims were placed) I furnished her home with all EA content. I let her stay in the home for 24 hrs sims time to give npc’s time to spawn for all of the town registers etc. (This is important to do when starting an empty town or else the families you place in town will be hired for those lots)

    After all npc’s are in place I then took my sim to visit several lots. (I am aware that not all lots are complete) After I saw all lots had access points I went and added families to all homes that had been furnished. Almost the whole town. The game was running smoothly until I turned it on this morning and I kept getting a notification that one particular sim was stuck. (I use NRAAS mods overwatch,error trap, master controller, register) Anyway, I brought the camera to street level and clicked on the top right corner where the warning tells you which sim is stuck. This will take the camera to the stuck sim.

    It was your classic Late Night tragedy. The npc sim was stuck in an apartment building area that uses the “Hidden Room” markers. EA should never have created this marker as I am positive it is why so many ppl report lag in Bridgeport. To fix this issue, I went into edit town and used the cheat codes to access the building.

    Step 1: Remove ALL “Hidden Room” markers from all buildings. THIS IS IMPERATIVE.
    (Hidden room markers break the doors that are attached to those areas and will need to all be replaced once the marker is removed)

    Step 2: After ALL “Hidden Room” markers are removed you may place a “Public Room” marker and make a lobby or gym or nothing, but the whole ground level must be free of “Hidden Room” markers so when npc’s spawn for their jobs they can leave the building without getting trapped. (Don’t forget to replace all the doors that gave access to the “Hidden Room” marker areas.)

    I’m not sure why EA ever made those markers. I know simmers want neighbors, but if you ring the buzzer they still have neighbors and npcs still come to the lot at the end of their shifts. Now that we have the “apartment” map tag, there is no reason to use the Hidden Room markers. (Just color your floors/walls black and it is done. be sure to have an exit door to every area in the building)

    This is a wonderful map!
    I am super excited about this world.
    I think it will be one of the best player made worlds once its finished. (But don’t let something that seems small turn out to be something that can ruin your whole world. “Hidden Room” markers kill worlds with lag due to stuck sims) (Be smart and get rid of them from ALL your buildings.)

    Good Luck!

    I look forward to your finished project :-)

  8. I will be happy to test the next beta if it is cc free.

    There is one window on backwards at the golf community, since all the homes are duplicates each one has that same window on backwards. I think its the only window in the game that disappears when you back the camera up if it is on backwards :-/

  9. I want to download your world, I love it. But it was impossible, even though no longer have to be registered to download, all links lead me to the same, impossible to find the download.
    Wait till it is complete, and be released to the public in common: (
    Greetings from Argentina! :)
    PD: Sorry for my English

  10. When I enter the world no house is marked as ‘house’ – I can’t move anyone in because it doesn’t show any ’empty home’ icon.
    Is this because I have ‘Into the Future’ pack?
    Please help because I’m soooo into this town ;)

  11. Hello All!

    Currently downloading this, and will be testing in the morning :) It is STUNNING, and I absolutely cannot wait to try it! I’ll be working on testing it on my current computer, and in about a month I’ll be testing it on my newly built gaming PC. Will test on both, just to see how it runs with a lower end PC and a high end gaming PC!

    Good luck to everyone and thank you for building this beauty of a world!


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