Addenbrooke by Shangrii

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The Sims 3 Addenbrooke

Description: Large world with city surrounded by enormous countryside containing farms, villages and beaches.

Creator: Shangrii


Stage: Beta

World AdventuresAmbitionsLate NightGenerationsPetsShowtimeSupernaturalSeasonsIsland Paradisesims 3 into the future icon

Store Content: Unknown

Custom Content: Yes, separate download required.


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Rating: +13 (from 13 votes)

“150 years ago, a meteor struck Addenbrooke turning a small sleepy town into a bustling city almost overnight. Tradition has been replaced with technology, and only a few rocks seem to remain of the sacred place Addenbroke used to be. 

Although seen as a freak accident, ancestors of the original townsfolk, and adventurous newcomers believe a stranger truth; that it was not a meteor at all, but an invasion. There have always been crop circles and other weird occurences in Addenbrooke, but that was all just rubbish… wasn’t it? “


To see more images and download the world, visit Shangrii’s Sims 3 Forum Post.

SIMS 3 Addenbrooke world sims 3 custom world 1 sims 3 custom world 2 sims 3 custom world 3 sims 3 custom world 6 screenshot21ko sims 3 custom world 4 screenshot43xv sims 3 custom world 5 sims 3 custom world 7 sims 3 custom world 11 sims 3 custom world 12 sims 3 custom world 9 sims 3 custom world 8 The sims 3 Addenbrooke world screenshot51e

To see more images and download the world, visit Shangrii’s Sims 3 Forum Post.

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Rating: +13 (from 13 votes)
Addenbrooke by Shangrii, reviewed by Admin on 2014-05-02T09:40:21+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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    i first saw this world on the sims 3 forum and now suddenly i recognize the name and bOOm haha
    there it is!
    I absolutely love the style of this city, lovely, GOOD JOB! :D

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