Sims 3 Create A World

Meet the team! We will be moving in this same family into new worlds to test them out.

There are currently thousands of worlds on the exchange, and many of them are terrible, but there are a few truly stunning worlds that have been created beautifully and we want to make sure everyone knows about them! Our aim is to create a single site that links to all the best user-made worlds so that you can find what you’re looking for in one place.

Our site uses metadata and browse taxonomy similar to Amazon’s technology so that searching for your perfect world is super easy and far more accurate than the search refinements offered on EA’s Exchange. As our site continues to grow with more and more worlds added every week, you’ll be sure to find the ideal world for your Sims!


The worlds shared on this site are not made by us, and we will always ensure credit is given to creators of worlds. Each post will have a link to the world’s creator’s page that you can use to find out more about the person who built the world. We will never upload a world to the exchange or any other file sharing site, but we instead provide you with the same link the creator has used upload their world. Direct downloads are connected to EA’s Exchange and will add to the “Downloads Count”.





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